Coffee Enema

Many people smile at the idea of an consuming coffee via the enema route

but it is a perfectly acceptable procedure in the arsenal of natural health

An enema is a bowel treatment in which the lower few inches of the colon
are infused with a liquid solution in order to cleanse, introduce products into
the body via the intestinal tract, modify body temperature, nourish or control
pain. Surprised? In leading cancer treatment centers, coffee enemas may be
administered several times per day in order to help with pain control.

The coffee enema is administered (perhaps several times) as an aid to liver detoxification.
Fresh, organic coffee is brewed and cooled. It is then poured into a brand
new, disposable enema bag and gently infused into the rectum where it is
retained for ten to fifteen minutes to create powerful peristaltic action in
the bowel. This procedure terminates in a regular bowel evacuation on the
toilet flushing much waste from the colon; many people are amazed at the
feeling of well being experienced following the coffee enema. If one is a
coffee drinker, it feels that they have had that cup of morning wake-up “Joe”
and others report feeling like they can “take on the world”. More than just
making one feel good, the coffee enema serves to help flush toxins from
the liver where residual products may remain from past medicines, illnesses
and partially degraded everyday products from foods and other incoming

Bowel cleansings are one of the world’s oldest health restoring and
maintenance procedures—just ask your grandmother or any older family
member and many will recall their own or their parents’ experiences with
this form of health maintenance. Many will fondly recall “the little red
enema bag” that hung on the back of grandma’s bathroom door or even their
own not-so-fondly-recalled enema experiences; however you recall this
information, you will be reuniting old, well established health knowledge
with modern health care.

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